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MB2-715 試験内容、62-193 試験番号

MB2-715 コンポーネント MB2-715 資格参考書 - あなたは自分のMB2-715 コンポーネント夢を実現できます、君はまだマイクロソフト MB2-715 コンポーネントに合格するために寝食を忘れて頑張って復習しますか、そのMB2-715 コンポーネント資料は練習問題と解答に含まれています & マイクロソフトのMB2-715 コンポーネントの認証試験を準備するのにいろいろな方法があります - しかも更新のMB2-715 コンポーネントスピードももっともはやくて、市場でオンラインのマイクロソフトのMB2-715 コンポーネント試験トレーニング資料はたくさんありますが & これは人のMB2-715 コンポーネント心によることです & 問題を解決する能力を高めると同時に仕事についてのMB2-715 コンポーネント満足度を向上させることができます、MB2-715 コンポーネントは君に向ける知識を提供いたします、あなたが気楽にマイクロソフトのMB2-715 コンポーネントの認証試験に合格するためにがんばっています - MB2-715 コンポーネント試験は皆さんのキャリアに大きな影響をもたらせる試験です - 美しい人形ではないですMB2-715 コンポーネント

Exam MB2-715
Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement Online Deployment

Published: February 24, 2017
Languages: English
Audiences: IT professionals, Developers
Technology: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise
Credit toward certification: Specialist

Skills measured
This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions you are likely to see on that content area on the exam. View video tutorials about the variety of question types on Microsoft exams.

Please note that the questions may test on, but will not be limited to, the topics described in the bulleted text.

Do you have feedback about the relevance of the skills measured on this exam? Please send Microsoft your comments. All feedback will be reviewed and incorporated as appropriate while still maintaining the validity and reliability of the certification process. Note that Microsoft will not respond directly to your feedback. We appreciate your input in ensuring the quality of the Microsoft Certification program.

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Create a Customer Organizational Structure (25% - 30%)
Support the Microsoft Dynamics 365 client environment
Validate minimum browser requirements for devices utilizing the web interface to access Microsoft Dynamics 365, ensure client devices meet the minimum hardware specifications, support outlook integration by using Outlook or Outlook with Dynamics 365 App for Outlook installed, manage phone and tablet client environments
Deploy Microsoft Dynamics
Determine the proper edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 suited for the client; determine the proper pricing, packaging, and subscription model based on the needs of the organizational environment; create a deployment plan to meet organizational considerations
Import data into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment
Design a data import plan, import data through supported methodologies, upload data from on-premises to Azure, manage large volume migrations with the Data Loader service
Manage the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment
Sign-up and cancel subscriptions, manage users, configure SSO and AD synchronization within hybrid environments with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), configure administrative access, assign roles

Administer the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Environment (25% - 30%)
Deploy instances
Deploy appropriate number and types of instances for designated environments, deploy sandbox and production instances, configure and edit instance properties
Manage instances
Switch an instance, reset an instance, delete an instance, copy an instance, manage regions and multiple tenant environments, manage storage and resources, manage administrative email notifications
Manage updates
Design a Microsoft Dynamics 365 update policy; review, approve, and skip updates; schedule updates

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Other Applications (20% - 25%)
Integrate Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive with Microsoft Dynamics
Configure Exchange server synchronization for incoming and outgoing traffic, manage folder based tracking flows, manage SharePoint integration, enable OneDrive for Business, configure control access and folder structure for SharePoint
Integrate other Microsoft Online Business Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics
Manage OneNote integration, manage Microsoft Social Engagement integration, manage Yammer integration, manage workspace collaboration with Office 365 Groups, manage and configure Delve integration
Integrate customized and third party applications with Microsoft Dynamics
Configure and manage app modules, create customized function apps with App Designer, create site maps by using Design App Mapper, obtain access to additional apps through App Source and Power Apps

Manage Microsoft Outlook and Mobile Environments (25% - 30%)
Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Outlook
Manage supported environments for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook, deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook through multiple methods, configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook to connect to multiple instances, configure synchronized fields, perform basic functions using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook interface
Manage and configure mobile apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 for phones express and newer Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Phones and Tablets, configure entities and security privileges, manage CRM forms and dashboards

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試験科目:「Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement Online Deployment」
問題と解答:全50問 MB2-715 試験内容

>> MB2-715 試験内容

試験科目:「Technology Literacy for Educators」
問題と解答:全41問 62-193 試験番号

>> 62-193 試験番号


Pass4Testを選択したら、成功が遠くではありません。Pass4Testが提供するMicrosoftの62-193 試験番号が君の試験に合格させます。テストの時に有効なツルが必要でございます。


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