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70-413 勉強の資料 & 070-734 認定資格 & MB2-718 関連資格試験対応

コンポーネント 過去問70-413 知識 - それも過去の70-413 知識解答中東戦争で痛い目にあっている、70-413 知識トレーニング資料、適切な訓练を選ぶの70-413 知識はあなたの成功 - 試験の70-413 知識練習資料を利用すれば - に助けを差し上げるだけでなく70-413 知識 & 70-413 知識国会で稲田防衛大臣が議員バッジをつけないまま出席していたことが問題となり & 70-413 知識完全なアフターサービスも提供します & 70-413 知識技術者 オンライン試験 & 弊社の70-413 知識チームは自分の商品が & 70-413 知識知識体系全般をカバーし、実際の70-413 知識試験のシナリオと一致で、無料でデモをダウンロード:70-413 知識

Exam 70-413
Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure

Published: 07 April 2014
Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil)
Audiences: IT professionals
Technology: Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2
Credit towards certification: MCP, MCSE

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area in the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions you are likely to see on that content area in the exam.

Starting in April 2014, the questions on this exam will include content covering Windows Server 2012 R2.

Please note that the questions may test on, but will not be limited to, the topics described in the bulleted text.
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Plan and deploy a server infrastructure (20–25%)

Design and plan an automated server installation strategy

Design considerations including images and bare metal/virtual deployment; design a server implementation using Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK); design a virtual server deployment

Plan for deploying servers to Microsoft Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS); plan for deploying servers to public and private cloud by using AppController and Windows PowerShell; plan for multicast deployment; plan for Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

Implement a server deployment infrastructure

Configure multi-site topology and transport servers; implement a multi-server topology, including stand-alone and Active Directory–integrated Windows Deployment Services (WDS) servers; deploy servers to Microsoft Azure IaaS; deploy servers to public and private cloud by using AppController and Windows PowerShell

Plan and implement server upgrade and migration

Plan for role migration; migrate server roles; migrate servers across domains and forests; design a server consolidation strategy; plan for capacity and resource optimisation

Plan and deploy Virtual Machine Manager services

Design Virtual Machine Manager service templates; plan and deploy profiles, operating system profiles, hardware and capability profiles, application profiles and SQL profiles; plan and manage services including scaling out, updating and servicing services; configure Virtual Machine Manager libraries; plan and deploy services to non-trusted domains and workgroups

Plan and implement file and storage services

Planning considerations include iSCSI SANs, Fibre Channel SANs, Virtual Fibre Channel, storage spaces, storage pools including tiered storage and data de-duplication; configure the Internet Storage Name server (iSNS); configure Services for Network File System (NFS); plan and implement SMB 3.0 based storage; plan for Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX)

Preparation resources

Windows deployment with the Windows ADK
Windows Deployment Services overview
Install, use and remove Windows Server migration tools

Design and implement network infrastructure services (20–25%)

Design and maintain a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) solution

Design considerations including a highly available DHCP solution including split scope, DHCP failover and DHCP failover clustering, DHCP interoperability, and DHCPv6; implement DHCP filtering; implement and configure a DHCP management pack; maintain a DHCP database

Design a name resolution solution strategy

Design considerations including Active Directory integrated zones, DNSSEC, DNS Socket Pool, cache locking, disjoint namespaces, DNS interoperability, migration to application partitions, IPv6, Single-Label DNS Name Resolution, zone hierarchy and zone delegation

Design and manage an IP address management solution

Design considerations including IP address management technologies including IPAM, Group Policy based, manual provisioning and distributed, centralised, hybrid placement and database storage; configure role-based access control; configure IPAM auditing; migrate IPs; manage and monitor multiple DHCP and DNS servers; configure data collection for IPAM; integrate IPAM with Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)

Preparation resources

DHCP design guide
Reviewing DNS concepts
IP Address Management (IPAM) overview

Design and implement network access services (15–20%)

Design a VPN solution

Design considerations including certificate deployment, firewall configuration, client/site to site, bandwidth, protocol implications, connectivity to Microsoft Azure IaaS and VPN deployment configurations using Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK)

Design a DirectAccess solution

Design considerations including deployment topology, migration from Forefront UAG, One Time Password (OTP), and use of certificates issued by enterprise Certificate Authority (CA)

Design a Web Application Proxy solution

Design considerations including planning for applications, authentication and authorisation, Workplace Join, devices, multifactor authentication, multifactor access control, single sign-on (SSO), certificates, planning access for internal and external clients

Implement a scalable remote access solution

Configure site-to-site VPN; configure packet filters; implement packet tracing; implement multi-site Remote Access; configure Remote Access clustered with Network Load Balancing (NLB); implement an advanced DirectAccess solution, configure multiple RADIUS server groups and infrastructure, configure Web Application Proxy for clustering

Design and implement network protection solution

Design considerations including Network Access Protection (NAP) enforcement methods for DHCP, IPSec, VPN, and 802.1x, capacity, placement of servers, firewall, Network Policy Server (NPS) and remediation network, configure NAP enforcement for IPsec and 802.1x, monitor for compliance

Preparation resources

Plan the Remote Access deployment
DirectAccess design, deployment and troubleshooting guides
Microsoft Virtual Academy: Multi site and high availability DirectAccess

Design and implement an Active Directory infrastructure (logical) (20–25%)

Design a forest and domain infrastructure

Design considerations including multi-forest architecture, trusts, functional levels, domain upgrade, domain migration, forest restructure, Microsoft Azure Active Directory and DirSync

Implement a forest and domain infrastructure

Configure domain rename; configure Kerberos realm trusts; implement a domain upgrade; implement a domain migration; implement a forest restructure; deploy and manage a test forest including synchronisation with production forests

Design a Group Policy strategy

Design considerations including inheritance blocking, enforced policies, loopback processing, security and WMI filtering, site-linked Group Policy Objects (GPOs), slow-link processing, group strategies, organisational unit (OU) hierarchy, and Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM), and Group Policy caching

Design an Active Directory permission model

Design considerations including Active Directory object security and Active Directory quotas; customise tasks to delegate in Delegate of Control Wizard; deploy administrative tools on the client devices; delegate permissions on administrative users (AdminSDHolder); plan for Kerberos delegation

Preparation resources
AD DS design guide
Domain Rename technical reference
Advanced Group Policy management

Design and implement an Active Directory infrastructure (physical) (20–25%)

Design an Active Directory sites topology

Design considerations including proximity of domain controllers, replication optimisation and site link; monitor and resolve Active Directory replication conflicts

Design a domain controller strategy

Design considerations including global catalogue, operations master roles, Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODCs), partial attribute set, and domain controller cloning and domain controller placement

Design and implement a branch office infrastructure

Design considerations including RODC, Universal Group Membership Caching (UGMC), global catalogue, DNS, DHCP and BranchCache; implement confidential attributes; delegate administration; modify filtered attributes set; configure password replication policy; configure hash publication

Preparation resources
Planning domain controller placement
RODC frequently asked questions
Branch office infrastructure solution

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試験科目:「Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure」
問題と解答:全208問 70-413 勉強の資料

>> 70-413 勉強の資料

試験科目:「OEM Preinstallation for Windows 10」
問題と解答:全48問 070-734 認定資格

>> 070-734 認定資格

試験科目:「Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service」
問題と解答:全50問 MB2-718 関連資格試験対応

>> MB2-718 関連資格試験対応


最近、Microsoftの認定試験はますます人気があるようになっています。それと同時に、Microsoftの認証資格ももっと重要になっています。IT業界では広く認可されている試験として、070-734 認定資格はMicrosoftの中の最も重要な試験の一つです。この試験の認証資格を取ったら、あなたは多くの利益を得ることができます。あなたもこの試験を受ける予定があれば、Pass4Testの070-734 認定資格は試験に準備するときに欠くことができないツールです。この問題集は070-734 認定資格に関連する最も優秀な参考書ですから。

MB2-718 関連資格試験対応 - 多くの人々は高い難度のIT認証試験に合格するのは専門の知識が必要だと思います。それは確かにそうですが、その知識を身につけることは難しくないとといわれています。IT業界ではさらに強くなるために強い専門知識が必要です。


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